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Welcome to Longfor Enterprises Inc.

By purchasing our products, the buyers are aware and agree the following provisions:

In this Terms and Conditions, we, us, or seller, means Longfor Enterprises Inc.; You, buyer, or client, means the legal entity who purchases any products from Longfor Enterprises Inc..

It's our appreciation to our clients choosing our products. Longfor Enterprise Inc. and its partners strive to provide highest quality products and excellent customer services. We use advanced sealers and quality control system to make high quality products and our products have passed inspections. In order not to cause unnecessary loss and inconvenience, we recommend you inspect the bags once you receive to make sure that all bags are sealed properly and there is no breakage. We recommend that you should good practice to handle and use our products, including, but not limited to, using proper force to open/ close fitting; proper filling of samples; conditioning of bags to eliminate background; etc. You should contact us immediately if you have find defective bags. We will replace defective bags for free. You should be aware that films were supplied by third parties, there is potential issues with films beyond our control even we request quality assurance from the suppliers.

our payment method is cash on delivery, or upon credit approval.

Buyers will waive seller's liability for loss the samples during sampling, analyzing and storing process, and consequently for the time loss, monetary loss;

Buyer will waive seller's liability for inaccurate information from our website or other means of communication. The information and advice in our website are for reference only. It is solely your discretion to choose the bags that are best suitable for your needs. Buyer will waive seller's liability for not choosing proper products; Buyer will waive seller's liability for the loss caused by fire during storing our products. Buyer should follow bylaws to store our products. Buyer will waive seller's liability for the loss or any inaccurate results by reusing our products.

You agree to indemnify Longfor Enterprises Inc., its officers, directors, employees, partners against all losses, expenses, damages and costs.

The Terms and Conditions is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada. You agree that any legal action between Longfor Enterprises Inc. and you shall be brought exclusively in a federal or provincial court sitting in the Province of Ontario. You agree to commence any legal action regarding our products once the issue arises within 6(six) months or will be deemed abandoning the claims.

The Terms and Conditions may be changed from time to time, without notice.