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Gas Sampling Bags and Lab Supply Expert!

Our valves are self sealed, no O-ring or sealant required!

Longfor Enterprises Inc. offers gas sampling bags of various materials combined renovated, patented valves for collecting a wide range of gas and aqueous samples. Our valves are made by precision modelling technology and have self-sealing feature, so neither O-ring or sealing agent is not required to prevent leaking. Cross-contamnation is minimized. Valve materilal is medical grade polycarbonat (PC) or Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

We also carry PTFE lab ware, such as PTFE beaker and PTFE bottles.

Our line of products includes:


FEP Bags;

PVDF Bags;



EVOH Bags;

DEVEX Foil Bags;

PTFE Labware

Our films used to make gas sample bags are supplied by renowned world-class manufacturers. We use computer-controlled sealers to get consistent sealing property of each bag. We have strict total quality control systems in place to assure that all products are high quality.

We offer volume discount up to 30% off, please contact us for details.