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FEP Bags

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FEP(Fluorinated ethylene propylene) film is the most chemically resistant film in the fluoropolymer family. Our FEP gas sampling bags are made of Daikin NEOFLON™ 2mil FEP Film. Due to its excellent chemical inertness and purity, FEP gas sampling bags are excellent choice for low concentration analysis and VOCs analysis. Because FEP film has higher permeable rate, it requires prompt analysis.

Price starts from as low as $10.00USD.

Our FEP gas sampling bags come with renovated, patented valves. Valve materials are polycarbonate and PTFE. Unlike other popular valves, our valve does not have O-ring inside to prevent leakage so contamination is minimized.

Both valves have the same functionalities: it's 2 in 1 combo valve that has on/off function and has a cap with septum in it for sampling purpose. Both valves are easy to use. One advantage of horizontal valve(side opening) is to use less storage space.

We also offer custom size gas sampling bags up to 2000 L, please contact us if you need.