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Tedlar Gas Sampling Bags

Tedlar (a trade mark name under Dupont) is polyvinyl fluoride  (PVF), its chemical structure is (CH2CHF)n. Our PVF gas sampling bags are made of 2mil DuPont's Tedlar® film. Tedlar® film is strong, durable, and considered chemically inert to a wide range of compounds. Tedlar gas sampling bags are accredited by regulatory agencies in different countries and widely used indoor air sampling, waste processing yard gas sampling, soil sampling and other environmental protection application.

Tedlar gas sampling bags are time-honour products and are accredited by EPA. 

Kynar Gas Sampling Bags

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)  film has excellent chemical resistance and strong physical property. We use Kynar PVDF copolymer (Kynar is a trade mark under Arkema) to make gas sampling bags. The film thickness is 70um, heat resistance up to 150°C. It can handle various corrosive and non-corrosive gaseous and aqueous samples.

FEP Gas Sampling Bags

FEP(Fluorinated ethylene propylene) film is the most chemically resistant film in the fluoropolymer family. Our FEP gas sampling bags are made of Daikin NEOFLON™ 2mil FEP Film. Due to its excellent chemical inertness and purity, FEP gas sampling bags are excellent choice for low concentration analysis and VOCs analysis. Because FEP film has higher permeable rate, it requires prompt analysis.

Our FEP gas sampling bags come with renovated, patented valves. Valve materials are polycarbonate and PTFE. Unlike other popular valves, our valve does not have O-ring inside so contamination is minimized. Both valves have the same functionalities: it's 2 in 1 combo valve that has on/off function and has a cap with septum in it for sampling purpose.

It is challenging to seal FEP bags because of its high melting point and fragility. We utilize unique technique to control the sealing temperature and heating time to produce even sealing joint and minimize the shrinkage.

Fluolar Gas Sampling Bag

Fluolar gas sampling bag is made of medical grade polychlorotrifluoroethylene(PCTFE). PCTFE has melting point of 210°C and can be used at -196 to +150°C. Its tensile strength is better that of PTFE ; it has similar chemical resistance to PTFE, but PCTFE film has transparency and low permeability.

Our Fluolar medical grade resin meets standards of FDA. Fluolar has excellent permeability. It has the lowest volatile compound residues among polyfluoro films. The film thickness is 50um.

Because Fluolar gas sampling bag has ultra low absorbality, low permeability and low volatile compounds as well as combined our patented combo valves that do not have rubber sealing ring inside, contamination is eliminated.  It is the best choice for VOC and other low ppb level analysis.

PCTFE bags have excellent chemical inertness and stability and can handle various highly corrosive, highly active gaseous and liquid samples.

 Fluode Gas Sampling Bag

Jointed with a leading polyfluoro resin manufacturer, we developed a propriety copolymer polyvinylidene fluoride(S-PVDF), Fluode. Compared to other types of PVDF, Fluode has improved chemical stability and physical strength compared to other types of PVDF. The thickness is 60-70um.

Fluode film has excellent chemical inertness, physical property and low absorbality.  Its molecule has more F atom ration than PVDF. It has strong resistance, lower absorbality, low permeability and low volatile residues.

Fluode film has similar property to PVF, but has better extension and less fragile than PVF. it resists creasing. Its working temperature is up to 150°C.

Fluode gas sampling bags can be used in ppm and ppb level analysis; can handle various corrosive gaseous or liquid samples. Fluode gas sampling bags are recommended by Ministry of Environment Protection of China for VOCs analysis. Fluode bags are equivalent to and best replacement of Tedlar bags.

EVOH Gas Sampling Bags

EVOH gas sampling bags utilizes low permeability EVOH film with 70um thickness, it has high extension, low permeability, low volatile compound residues and low absorbality. Combined with patented valves, it will provide reliable results for low concentration analysis and VOCs. EVOH bags are perfectly fit non- corrosive gases . It is not recommended for corrosive gases and acidic/basic gases.

Our valves use high precision moulding technology with self-sealing, nor sealant or O-ring required. There is rubber material in the valve to contact the sample gas. Contamination is eliminated. EVOH bags are suitable for low concentration ppb level application. The bags assure the accuracy and  repeatability of analytical results.

EVOH bags can be used in volatile organic compounds analysis,  odour assessments and stench evaluation.

DEVEX Gas Sampling Bag

Our DEVEX film are constructed with 4 layer film, PET(outer layer), polyamide, metalized aluminium foil, polyethylene, 0.0003″(inner layer).The film thickness is 130 um and is laminated with environmental friendly glue. Compared to regular multilayered bags, DEVEX  bags are more flexible and stronger.

DEVEX gas sampling bag has excellent permeability and good stability for small molecular, non-corrosive compounds, such as CO, CO2, petroleum pyrolysis gas, methane,ethylene , propylene , butadiene and acetylene, natural gas, coalbed methane, smog,  gases from chemical reactions and inorganic gases including nitrogen, oxygen, argon. The bags are chemically inert and can be used for light sensitive compounds. They are not recommended for low ppm VOCs due to background levels and highly corrosive gases.

DEVEX sampling bag comes with renovated, patented valves. Valve material is polycarbonate. Unlike other popular valves, our valve does not have O-ring inside so contamination is minimized.